Products of Liniers

Liniers is the middle name of Ricardo Siri (born in Buenos Aires, 15 November 1973). He started doing fanzines. His work appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, Spirou, La Mano and others that he doesn’t remember.

He has published books from comics done for La Nacion Newspaper (Macanudo 1-7), for Pagina 12’s Section No (Bonjour), a book for kids (Lo que hay antes de que haya algo), and another from his notebooks with drafts (Cuadernos). This year, he has published a book called OOPS! in collaboration with his friend and singer, Kevin Johansen. Some of these books were published in Spain, Peru, Canada, Italy and France. He has also exhibited his paintings: Macanudo (Ludi 2001), Mono en Bicicleta (2003), Cuadernos (2006), Estudio Abierto (2006); and during 2007, a set of originals from Macanudo’s Comic “toured” through the different FNAC in Spain. In 2008, he has exhibited his original drawings at Casa L’Inc. He has done the cd covers for Logo, by Kevin Johansen and La Lengua Popular, by Andres Calamaro. He has won a scholarship to go to Canada, where he lived for 7 months in 2007. He is currently touring in Latin America and Spain with his friend Kevin Johansen. While Liniers is painting live, Kevin sings. |