Juan Molinet (Rey Misterio)

Which is your nationality?


Where are you currently living? (do you live in this country/city by choice?)

In Buenos Aires, by choice.

How would you define at your work?

As a work I do for myself with passion, even though some people like it or not. I would define it as an alchemy among ideas, forms, colours and symbols, that emerge from the same place, my own experience.

Key moments in your professional career:

Being in a variety of publications around the globe, sharing books and magazines with artists that I admire.

Where can we find your work? (publications, exhibitions, products, etc.)

At Le Bureau des Monstres, my website: www.lebureau.tv

What inspires you?

The weirdness, the darkness, oriental religions, history, toys, cartoons from the 30s and 40s, geometry, liquids, geometrical forms and food.

A song: "Space Oddity" by David Bowie

Un libro: Historias de Cronopios y famas, de Julio Cortázar

A city: Berlín

A happy memory: the “alfajor” that I ate 10 minutes ago.


Some works from Rey Misterio: