Which is your nationality?


Where are you currently living? (do you live in this country/city by choice?)

Buenos Aires by choice.

Key moments in your professional career: Working with motion graphics, I had the chance to work for clients such as Nickelodeon, VH1, Mtv Latinoamérica. With my project Colorblok, I could designed a vinyl toy, skateboards, belts, Monoblock’s notebooks, among others.

Where can we find your work (publications, exhibitions, products, etc.)?

My illustrations where published in Die Gestalten, Pictoplasma’s encyclopedia, IdN 15 anniversary, Computer Arts UK, among others.

What inspires you?

A song: "I didn't see it coming" by Belle & Sebastian

A book: all from Bruno Munari

A city: Tokyo

A happy memory: washing Teo, my first dog, at my backyard.


Some works from Juliana Pedemonte: