Food Olympics Playing Cards


Food Olympics Playing Cards


Set of 24 illustrated playing cards.
: 2 games in 1

Strange noises come out from Leo Espinosa's refrigerator.The food is fighting... to be your favorite food! But only the best will be winners. Did you find out which are the healthiest? Learn how to eat by playing... and make your tummy happy!

This game was created based on the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines developed by the Association of Dietitians and nutritionists of Argentina (, to help children and parents incorporate basic but important concepts of nutrition in a super simple and fun way. The illustrated cards show everyday food as characters, while introducing real nutritional values. Through play and the comparison of these values, children and parents will learn what food is healthier and how to combine them into a balanced diet. A healthy diet improves quality of life in all ages. To know its basic principles is essential. It is also important to eat as a family: it's a way of sharing love and a great opportunity to connect. Do not forget to exercise –better outdoors!and to incorporate meditation routines.


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