Corporate Buyers & Private Label

Now your brand can also enjoy a range of products created by Monoblock, to bring magic and imagination to its contact with regular customers and prospects. A new way to surprise in social or corporate gifts, promotions, launches or all those times when our imagination may enhance your communication.

We will work with you to create a unique product, whether you know exactly what you need or want our talented creative team join in for a brainstorming of imaginative ideas.

We have worked with many customers (brands, PR agencies and advertising agencies) that have used a wide range of products, some modified from those available for sale, and others created from scratch just for them.

Some possible uses:

For sale in retail outlets
As promotional giveaways/ Gifts with purchase
• Gifts to the press, at openings or special events
• New Year gifts to regular or potential customers
• Gifts or incentives for internal customer/
Internal corporate use
• Gifts at social or corporate events

You can choose from many options:

immediate imprinting/hot-stamping in an off-the-shelf product;
• our traditional formats
modified with an illustration or applied art created especially for your brand or the occasion being celebrated;
• packaging and special packaging created exclusively for your brand;
a product completely customized for you from scratch, created by our creative design department.

Want to see some real applications?

In addition to our famous notebooks, you can choose creative, fun and educational formats for children, youth and adults; for home decor, for office, kitchen or for personal use. We have over 15 product formats available for customization.

Would you give us the opportunity to work with you? We guarantee a professional work process, a final product with the quality that characterizes us, and the value of a team that believes in the Power of the Imagination. All this comes together in a brand 100% argentinian, authentic reference in the world of imagination and illustration applied on products.