ABOUT Monoblock

monoblock workspaceMonoblock Industry of Imagineering  publishes outstanding young artists and illustrators of  Argentina and the world, using original and accessible objects and products as a canvas, in limited series, designed to bring imagination and happiness to everyday life. 

Our products can be find at design and book stores in Argentina, and internationally through our online shop and at specialty stores. In our online shop you will find the complete catalog of products and information about each of our authors, a list of stores, our blog and calendar of events we attend or sponsor.

We believe that art belongs not only to the gallery or museum walls, as we believe that the galleries should not be the only place of consecration of the artists. We believe that imagination,  in the works of our authors, belongs to the world. And it's time it finds a place at your house and in your life.

Monoblock mission is to promote the integration of the art's community we represent, in the daily life of our society. We create opportunities for artists and audiences to connect, to be heard and inspire each other. We believe in the Power of Imagination. We want to help awaken it, in every human being where it may be asleep, through a message of love.


Because where is love, there is freedom. And where is love and freedom, is creation.
Live the love!

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our Little history

Vik & Pablo at MonoblockMonoblock was always a love story. Created by Vik (illustrator, editor) and Pablo (designer, entrepreneur) in February 2004, began as the life project that will join both professionally and personally this pair of self-taught creatives. Originally, it functioned as branding agency, working for major international and national brands. And although the project grew, both Pablo and Vik felt that there was more to do... together.

Fascinated with the talented young artists they discovered daily through social networks, and with the conviction that it was possible to create an innovative publishing model, they embarked themselves on an unexpected adventure: integrating these "new media contents" to a "designed" product support. The family experience and knowledge of the publishing world that Vik brought to the project, along with the innagotable   entrepreneurial energy of Pablo —combined with the deep love they both had for illustration and design— teamed on a new dream: and though they
kept Monoblock as their brand name, they added a tagline quite revealing of their intentions: Industry of Imagineering.

The beginning was difficult, but wonderful. Together, they find the courage to venture into a totally unknown world. They approached artists they admired but with whom they had never exchanged a single word. They started "from scratch". But every time they told their big idea, everyone received them with open arms. They learned that, what they wanted to do, was good and important.

In 2006,
with the support of authors (visual artists & illustrators), they created the Designer's Notebooks. They chose this product as a 'medium' for several reasons, but mainly because, as users of notebooks, they could not find one they really liked. The lids were sad, dull... And while there seemed to be no choice ... it was an opportunity. Innovation in this first step was subtle but "multidimensional" as they proposed to recognize the illustrators as authors (rejected the format of "collaboration") and reformulated the notebooks to fully exploit their expressive qualities. They decided to work with limited series, each inspired by a single concept. The first carried a universal message of love: Happy together, Live the Love.

monoblock workspaceMeanwhile, they began to perform shows and exhibitions with each release of a new series, facilitating the encounter between artists and the general public. They participate —since 2007— in Trimarchi DG (Mar del Plata), the largest design event in Latin America, and since 2009 in Puro Diseño Fair of Buenos Aires, attended by an average of 100,000 people in each edition. Meanwhile, Vik and Pablo also began with the Monoblock Tours, bringing their project to design events in Cordoba, Rosario, Corrientes and even Santiago de Chile. Their 'traveler's hearts', do not hesitate to jump into their car loaded with boxes, so that more and more people can add a little Monoblock to their lives.

In 2009 they created, supported and co-organizer —with the magazine 90 +10— Premio Destapa, a new Latin-American Award for Applied Illustration, an opportunity for "novice"
illustrators to be published in a Monoblock notebook. In its first edition, more than 500 illustrators (professionals and amateurs) sent an original artwork. Their efforts to connect and professionalize the field of illustration also extend in the form of lectures and other contents that are always open to the general public (see Events section).

Without detracting from the products that they develop with obsessive attention to quality and all details, we can say with confidence that "Monoblock is much more than meets the eye". And Vik, Pablo and their team, love it.

Industry of Imagineering publishes more than 30 renowned artists (including Liniers, Laura Varsky, Fernanda Cohen, Nate Williams and other illustrators, designers, photographers, etc..) from Argentina and the rest of the world, in functional products that provide beauty and happiness to everyday life. Their project, which continues to grow independently, seeks to build bridges between art and everyday life, multiply the inspiration, and claim the Power of Imagination.

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